Monday, August 23, 2010

Website Business is picking up!

After a year of posting my Chicken Scratch Studio items online...I'm finally starting to sell stuff:). I hope sales only continue to grow as the holiday months continue.  It's been fun to receive people's messages saying that they received one of my pieces from a friend who shops at the market and that they HAD to get their friends a piece as well! One lady messaged today and asked that I include a note saying "Happy Birthday - sorry this is so LATE :(!" Haha - I laughed because this sounds exactly like something I would say! :)

I love that through the etsy website people are encouraged to buy handmade items that they pick themselves and know it is a one of a kind piece.  I also like to put a lot of time into make the package look cute and including little hand written notes that make the person receiving it feel special!

In other news! I got my Sofa Sleeper for the Studio this weekend and I've finally purchased my last big item for the house! Now is the process of suckering some big burly men to haul it up the stairs with me...until then it will sit in the garage and wait :) Pretty sure I can't handle 180 lbs on my own!

I'm working on some new ideas for the market, glass items as well as maybe flowers for sale?... I make up 4 flower arrangements for my display each week at the market and people are always asking to buy them.  I had an elderly man last week say he was visiting his wife's grave and that no one else was selling flowers - you better bet he got an arrangement - what a cool guy to chat with and learn about his life!

I read an interesting quote the other day while shopping in Iowa City, it was part of a work of art and it said, " she cried a little bit each day, not because she was sad but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short."

It was a good reminder to recognize all of the beauty not only in my life but all around me!

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