Friday, September 6, 2013

Climbing the Ladder of Clutter.

Crazy it's been since January that I've last posted. Time flies when things are always busy! I've been working this summer at the downtown farmer's market in Cedar Rapids, and also at Newbo Market, and enjoy every minute of it! I've met some great new faces, artists and customers alike and constantly find myself being inspired by the people around me. I miss the market goers at the Freight House Market as it's my first summer not in Davenport, but I've been climbing the ladder trying to get my business closer to home, and this summer has been a joy!

I've been doing some revamping around the house, and decided I needed to solve my scarf collection problem. Anyone who knows me know that I never have just ONE of ANYTHING. If I like something I usually start to collect it and that's how I ended up with 30 summer scarves just hanging around the house.

I was in a boutique in North Carolina a few months back and saw a ladder used to display shirts, it was so cute I decided I needed to do it myself! I found this old ladder in an antique store in downtown Marion for $7.00. I initially planned to use it to re-chain my basketball hoop, but after getting it home and realizing it didn't support the weight of a human and it only reached half way to my became decorative.

I even color coordinated each rung of the ladder...we'll see how long they last looking so pretty but for now I'm in love. The best part was the ladder fit snuggly in the nook behind my front door and is tucked away. It adds a pop of color to the wall and balances my crazy painting on the opposite end of the room!

One of these days I plan to make a bookshelf out of it - until then I'm pretty happy with this repurposing project. For $7.00 and a few minutes of my time, I have one less thing to pick up out of my clutter of collections.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Months of wiping - makes for metal wall art

A few months back I kept seeing people on Pinterest post pics of items made out of old toilet paper rolls. Since then I've been stowing them away and waiting until I hoarded enough to make something fun. About 6 months in my stash has become overwhelming and I forced myself to create a wall hanging for my bedroom. The process is simple and easy to do, it only takes about 30 minutes and the supplies are free (or trash depending on how you look at it).

Collect all the rolls and clean off any remaining toilet paper fuzz.

Using sharp scissors cut the rolls into evenly thick smaller rolls. (I cut each cardboard roll into 5ths)

Once cut...and you'll be cutting for'll end up with about 200 roll slices. Now its time to have some fun and arrange them.

Lay out the roll slices in a fun pattern. I've seen a lot of people bend the slices to make more of a petal shape but I wanted mine to look organic and not like flowers.

Glue all of the roll slices to each other. This process is annoying and messy but the results are great when you're finished!

Find some old spray paint in the garage that's been sitting around since college and put it to work! I coated my toilet paper roll slices about 4 times. Make sure and get a good angle while you spray so you fully cover the insides of the circles. Also avoid over-spraying or your driveway will end up with a silver square...

Admire your spray painting skills. After the paint has dried hang on the wall with one nail and call it done! Easy as pie and looks like metal wall art!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thrift Find - Magazine Rack

Hello again! It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog and a lot has changed! In the past 6 months I became an AUNT to my awesome little nephew Aiden and started a new job as a Creative Coordinator at the University of Iowa.  I love my new job (and my nephew) and working on the U of I campus is refreshing and inspiring each day! I've been taking kickboxing classes as well since Nov. with my Mom. We've both been whipped back into shape and it has lowered my blood pressure to the point of not needing medication anymore! Market season starts back up this weekend so lots of glass firing to come! More posts to follow in the coming months on all of these topics but to get back into the swing of things I thought I'd post my Thrift Find-Magazine Rack project I completed last night! Enjoy!

I have this corner nook in my house right when you walk in the front door. It's a great space to showcase some art, a nice mirror, chair and a side table. I'm pretty cheap so I've been using this plant stand as my side table for about 6 months, and my magazine collection has been growing out of control...(see under the chair, and on the coffee table).

So off to the thrift store "Stuff etc." I went, and to my luck I found this awesome rustic army chest with storage dividers built in. Normally it sits on it's back and the lid opens up, however turned on it's side it makes for the perfect side table with shelves for magazines and newspapers!

It's a bit tall, and maybe a tad bigger than I had hoped for the space, but it oozes with character - which I love! Below are a few more pics of the new space, and I'm in love with all of the organized storage for all of my mags!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Peacock Costume Tutorial "Birds of a Feather Flock Together"

Handmade Peacock Costume
This costume post was just featured on coolest homemade costumes check it out and all their other amazing halloween costumes!

As usual i'm behind on my blog posts. However it still isn't Thanksgiving so I feel like I have time to include how I made my Peacock Halloween costume. As you'll remember from last year I was a 1950's housewife. This year I wanted to up my game a bit more, and instead of having my mom sew a few items I decided I'd do it all myself! (With the help of my friends of course!)

For Halloween my friends and I wanted to go as a group and needed an idea fast! I've always wanted to be a peacock so we came up with the idea to all be birds.  Our theme was, "Birds of a Feather, Flock Together," once we had that settled it was off to buy hundreds of feathers! The materials used:

Target Stretch Skirt
Cheap black lace-up corset
3 Feather Boas
Additional aqua Boa
2 Peacock garlands from Michaels
200 5ft Peacock feathers from
Stretch Belt
Duct tape
LOADS of hot glue
Needle and thread

Before the madness started!
Skirt: To start I hung the stretch skirt from my dress form and stitched the boas in a zig zag pattern running up and down the skirt. Only tacking the boa at the waist band and letting the rest fall freely.  

Brooke helping me stitch!

After this first tacking was complete I went back in and horizontally stitched the zig zags down to cut down on the "poof". 
Stitch after Stich after Stich - control the poof!

1) 1st round of skirt.  2) Skirt after being tacked down. 3) Final Costume!
When the skirt was tacked down, I added peacock feather garland pieces, aqua boa chunks I had cut off and sewed on and individual peacock feathers sewn into the mix.  

Adding in aqua blue feather chunks and peacock feathers.
The skirt took around 10 be prepared for a great outcome but a lot of work! 

Finished! So pretty!
Below is a little image I threw together to give you a better understanding of how it's done:

Corset: Once the skirt was complete I took two sections of the peacock garland and hot glued them up the center of the corset front. Following that base layer I filled in with aqua feather chunks cut from the boa, blue black and finally peacock feathers arranged fanning upwards to my neck. After these were all glued down I hand stitched over the glue to make sure the feathers would hold.

Peacock garland from Michaels.

Starting the Corset.

Monte wants to help!
Tail: The most important part of the whole costume was the tail. It had to be grand! I needed a way to attach it to the costume so I could get it on and off for riding in cars or getting through doorways.  I started with a black stretch belt sandwiched it between two pieces of cardboard but left a track for the belt to move freely. The card board was cut in a shape like a ball field with the bottom squared off. 

Belt sandwiched between cardboard with duct tape to reinforce.

Once the belt and cardboard were one piece I started taping the feathers in place facing forwards on the inside and outwards on the outside. (So from the front you could see the eye of the feathers and from the back you could as well).  

After the initial height (about 5 ft) was reached with the feathers I cut down the next layer and began to make the fan at a lower level (about 3 ft) repeating this step for 1.5 ft,  8 inches and then the base of the tail was finished with garland pieces and rhinestones.
Almost Done!
I made sure to try the belt on every so many feathers to make sure it was even and balanced. The feathers were so light I didn't need any other support besides the belt tucked under my corset to hold it in place.
Pairing the costume with crazy teal and blue eye make-up, feathers in my upswept hair, sheer black tights and 5 inch heals the costume was complete!

Flamingo, Owl, Chick, Peacock, Robin

Shake ya Tail feather!
The entire costume took about 30 hours to complete and was a huge success.  Not one feather was lost after partying for a good 8 hours!

 This is my favorite costume to date! And the reaction from the crowds of people when an 8 foot peacock and the flock walked in was priceless!

Update to this blog post! I sold the peacock costume this past October to a sweet girl named Adele in NY for Halloween and she looked FABULOUS! Check out how she rocked the costume and how the "tail" of the peacock lives on!

Also Deveon posted in the comments of this blog last year asking for help making her costume perfect. She followed the instructions exactly and check out the results! Pretty amazing - the costumes almost look identical!

Thanks guys! This Post has had so many views - it's fun to see people using the steps to make their own awesome peacocks! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Painting Party - Halloween 2011

For the past 3 years I've held a Pumpkin Painting Party at my house and it's been a blast! This year was our biggest ever - with 11 girls attending and many pumpkins to be sprayed, bedazzled and dried while we chow down on Halloween snacks!  It's always so fun to look at all of the creative ideas each person comes up with! This year one girl got smart and did a fake pumpkin so hers will live forever while the rest rot! But I think it's fun to make a work of art that is only temporary...let's just hope the neighbor boys dont smash mine! Look next week for my tutorial on my Peacock Halloween Costume - so many feathers all over my house right now! :)
The Goods!

Green Drink with floating eyeballs and brownies!


Dining Room all spooked out!
Some of the Pumpkins before we started.

Spraying the pumpkins.
Pumpkin dry time.

Family room Group

Dining Room Group

Green Pumpkin before...buttons seemed like such a fun idea.

300 buttons later, not so fun!

Black and silver with some sparkle ribbon polkadots!

Browns with a bow and rhinestones!

Cut little pumpkins!
Spiderweb pumpkin with prop :)

Buttons, dripping orange with dots, and crazy fun splatter paint!

Classy pumpkins with sparkles, feathers, and real leaves!

Turquoise dots, and fuzzy ribbon!
The whole group showing off the goods!