Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Procrastination is Key!

Back Yard Photo - Could these be any more Cute!
So if any of you know me and know me well, you'd know I am the world's best procrastinator.  Especially when things get busy I tend to find everything I can do that will prevent me from getting my actual work done. Case in point - this week I have over 20 orders that need to be made and shipped by Friday, have I fired yet this week Have I created 5 adorable tissue paper pom poms to hang in my studio...ABSOLUTELY.  It's been so gorgeous this week, and I've been dying to try out making these, so a stop at the card outlet for cheap tissue paper, a few hours cutting and fluffing and Viola!

Since I don't use my 1900's clothes line for drying clothes I figured my lunch break would be a great time to get some fishing line and take a few photos in the back yard! I'm thinking these could really draw some fun attention at the market too! The mess on my studio floor though, is something I need to work's too bad my dog doesn't eat paper anymore! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Website Business is picking up!

After a year of posting my Chicken Scratch Studio items online...I'm finally starting to sell stuff:). I hope sales only continue to grow as the holiday months continue.  It's been fun to receive people's messages saying that they received one of my pieces from a friend who shops at the market and that they HAD to get their friends a piece as well! One lady messaged today and asked that I include a note saying "Happy Birthday - sorry this is so LATE :(!" Haha - I laughed because this sounds exactly like something I would say! :)

I love that through the etsy website people are encouraged to buy handmade items that they pick themselves and know it is a one of a kind piece.  I also like to put a lot of time into make the package look cute and including little hand written notes that make the person receiving it feel special!

In other news! I got my Sofa Sleeper for the Studio this weekend and I've finally purchased my last big item for the house! Now is the process of suckering some big burly men to haul it up the stairs with me...until then it will sit in the garage and wait :) Pretty sure I can't handle 180 lbs on my own!

I'm working on some new ideas for the market, glass items as well as maybe flowers for sale?... I make up 4 flower arrangements for my display each week at the market and people are always asking to buy them.  I had an elderly man last week say he was visiting his wife's grave and that no one else was selling flowers - you better bet he got an arrangement - what a cool guy to chat with and learn about his life!

I read an interesting quote the other day while shopping in Iowa City, it was part of a work of art and it said, " she cried a little bit each day, not because she was sad but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short."

It was a good reminder to recognize all of the beauty not only in my life but all around me!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mud Puddle Roo

I had a few people at the market this weekend say that they went to my blog looking for photos of my stuff at the gift shop...and I realized I'd never put any up. Duh. So I'll include some here. Working with Mud Puddle Roo has been great, Rhonda at the shop is one of the nicest ladies I've ever met and I stop in almost every Saturday to see all of the fun new stuff she has brought to Moline.

The shop is located at:

417 13th St.
Moline, IL 61265

This past weekend they had local artist Frank Ross painting on site with REAL Mississippi mud! He was painting a Chicken, which I thought was funny, and loving every minute of interacting with the customers! This guy is in his late 80's and still finds so much joy in art! He was a riot!

So here are a few pics from my display at the shop. They currently carry over 300 of my handmade items including: Wine bottle meat and cheese trays, wine stoppers, fused glass rings, bracelets, post and dangle earrings, pendants, ribbon necklaces, and flower brooches! It's constantly changing but you'll get the gist! So stop in and pick up some great gifts for friends or family! So many great artist's work to explore and enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Busy!

The past few months have been CRAZY busy. I'm all set up in my NEW HOUSE, and the new studio is AMAZING. I am inspired every day to wake up and get to work! I continue to love selling at Mud Puddle Roo and stop in all the time to see what great new artists they have selling there. At the end of this month I'll be holding a Glass class at the Gift Shop for all of the Market people that have shown interest! It's going to be awesome! The hottest item right now at the market are the new Cuff Bracelets and Wine Bottle Serving Trays - I can't make them fast enough! :) Never a bad thing to have a high demand! Just a few more months of the market then classes will be Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb - can't wait to get back to all of my students from last year and start making holiday gifts again!

I'm getting excited for my trip to Italy. Only a few more months before language lessons start, and before ya know it I'll be fluent...ha yeah right. I hear in Italy it's more about using your hands to speak then anything so maybe I'll be alright! :)

I've included some pics of the new studio and the Wine Bottle Serving Trays - Thanks again to all of my awesome customers at the market for continuing to buy my work!

I'll get photos of my house redecorating up soon! So much work and so little time :)!