Friday, April 8, 2011

This old House - looking better with age!

Here's one old lady ready to help me and my house celebrate!

Well, I can't believe it, this weekend marks my 1 year anniversary in my house! Crazy how fast a year can fly by! I moved in the week before my b-day last year so it's kind of fun, every year I get older my house grows older with me! So in honor of my house turning 93 and me turning 27 (ugh) I thought I'd show some before and after photos from the time I moved in till now! Is it bad that I'd love to scrap it all and redecorate from the ground up!!! One can always dream!

House Front:

House Front Before
House front after

At night!

The shrubs my parents and I spent hours planting!

Now on to the Family Room:

Family Room After

Family Room from the Stairs View

Front Porch (no before)

Outside Dining Table

Swing I love to sit and read on!
Dining Room:

My dad hates this light fixture...don't worry it's changed!

Fireplace mantle - just need to build it out to make it look more real!


Kitchen Before

Not much has changed in here!

Breakfast Nook Before

Breakfast nook After

Bedroom before - window on far right leads to Wine Porch out front.

Bedroom after - headboard is two old closet doors painted!

From the Bed side view

Master Bedroom walkway leading to "Back Reading Porch"

Back reading porch off master - l ove this space!

Wine porch out the second floor bedroom window!
Wine Porch view from the street!


Studio Before

Studio After (I do all my glass cutting inside that white doored closet!)
Studio Desk Side

Alright - well the only part of my place I dont have an after pic of is the Bathroom here is the before:
Gotta love the toilet on an angle! :)
Erin Before ( 2 years)
And after 27 - lucky number baby! :)

Happy Birthday's been a busy year but a great one! Here's to getting old...but looking great with age! :)