Thursday, May 26, 2011

Light is Key

Love the rich purple.
It's been crazy busy around here getting ready for my trip to Italy (18 days and counting!!!) and keeping up with the market. However I'm never too busy to make a few small changes to my place and take a couple nice photos! It's been raining like cats and dogs so I've resorted to enjoying the flowers in my home instead of outdoors. I got this orchid from a good friend for my birthday and have managed to keep it alive til now...fingers crossed it continues to bloom! They say "light is key" to helping orchids stay healthy and full of color...this I feel is also important in my own home.

Orchid Climbing
The lack of light in my dining room has been bugging the heck out of me --- with a few small changes I figured I could solve this problem til I really decide to have the room wired and a real light fixture hung.  A trip to the garage proved fruitful in the fact that a couple of "headed for the trash" paper lanterns were rescued and taken off "dust collecting duty" in the college junk pile.  Amazingly these paper balls made it through 8 years and 6 moves to find their way onto my ceiling finally...and remarkably only one puncture wound that was caused while I pushed the wire supports into the rounds.

The change is bright, feels summery and the lavender and pale green lanterns go great with the wall and trim color. Not to mention I love the way they look with the bright purple orchid below.  Enjoy my random tuesday night photo shoot and take comfort in the fact that I lead a busy but mostly boring life...hanging out with my orchid and paper balls most nights.

Taken from the fireplace out the window.

From the french doors.

At night - love the shadows!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Market Madness

Wine Stopper Close Up
Market season has approached once again and as always in my procrastinative state I was rushing around tying up loose ends.  6 firings later, and a handful of late nights, I was ready to rumble. Let's not kid ourselves here, anyone who knows me, knows that A) I'm not an early riser, and B) I'm never on time. However when it comes to opening market weekend, 82 and Sunny, you better bet I was up at 4:30am and out the door with time to spare!  Still having to apply my makeup while driving (a ritual I have seemed to perfect over the years)...and a great time saver but let's repeat I WAS EARLY! ;)

The market was a huge success for Mother's day weekend, followed by this past weekend where I layered on about 5 clothing items found in the back of my car, and sat in the pouring rain.  But market shoppers are troopers and I still had some good sales! So if you havent been to the market yet - come check it out.   There are som wonderful vegetable vendors, flowers, fruit, crafts, you name it we have it!

freight house farmers market

I'm in spot 176 right out front by the play ground every Saturday from 8am-1pm. Look for the Chicken Scratch Studio Sign! Now check out some pics of me getting market read - just in time for the season! Enjoy!

Glass before it's mounted

6 firings ready to be mounted!

Bangle Bracelets

Dangle Earrings

Flower Brooches

Pendants on Display

Sterling Silver Adjustable Rings
Market Ready!