Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Kiln - Yippee!

So I've been looking at kilns for a few months now, and have been wanting to upgrade to a bigger size firing chamber. But being frugal like I am have been holding off because it's a pretty big chunk of money! Alas I found the exact kiln I wanted on from a really nice lady for about $150 less then what I could buy it wholesale. She included a ton of extras because she doesn't ever use it! I'm hoping I get to go pick it up this weekend. Now I'll be able to fire wine bottle dip trays and all sorts of fun new stuff!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chicken Scratch Themed Display

After my meeting on Saturday with MudPuddleRoo, I decided to go out and look for my items to display my jewelry. This shop is decorated in a shabby chick style so I wanted to go for an antique but updated funky findings display. I found some awesome stuff! Going along with the "Chicken" theme I had some wonderful discoveries: an old chicken hatchery box, an egg bin...with old shells still in the bottom, a weather vane with a chicken on top to hang my necklaces and I even got my hands on a plate display stand (with chicken) and two antique egg platters with chickens in the middle. All in all it was an awesome day - and after 5 hours of shopping I couldn't fall asleep until I had it all planned out.

My space will be a 72" x 36" table. Below is the rough sketch I did Sunday night and illustrator drawings I came up with on Monday. I'll have photos of the actual items soon for you all to check out!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gift Shop Bound : MuddPuddleRoo

Great news! Over the weekend I met with the owner of a new gift shop in Moline, IL. named MudPuddleRoo. After a few hours of looking around her super cute shop and her daughter's connected hair salon "Lillee Leighton" we got down to business. The great news is - she'll be taking my fused glass artwork (jewelry) for her shop during the entire winter season and beyond!

I can not tell you how excited I am! Her shop is the right amount of shabby chic and funky fresh, the perfect mix for where I would want my items sold! Now all of my Farmers Market customers will have a great place to get my items over the winter season. The shop will be carrying 200-300 items so make sure and check it out starting in Nov. 2009!

The shop is located at 417 13th Street, Moline, IL

Check out my work and all the other great work from artists around the world!

This is such a great opportunity and I'm really excited to have my art at MuddPuddleRoo.