Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chicken Scratch Themed Display

After my meeting on Saturday with MudPuddleRoo, I decided to go out and look for my items to display my jewelry. This shop is decorated in a shabby chick style so I wanted to go for an antique but updated funky findings display. I found some awesome stuff! Going along with the "Chicken" theme I had some wonderful discoveries: an old chicken hatchery box, an egg bin...with old shells still in the bottom, a weather vane with a chicken on top to hang my necklaces and I even got my hands on a plate display stand (with chicken) and two antique egg platters with chickens in the middle. All in all it was an awesome day - and after 5 hours of shopping I couldn't fall asleep until I had it all planned out.

My space will be a 72" x 36" table. Below is the rough sketch I did Sunday night and illustrator drawings I came up with on Monday. I'll have photos of the actual items soon for you all to check out!

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