Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Procrastination is Key!

Back Yard Photo - Could these be any more Cute!
So if any of you know me and know me well, you'd know I am the world's best procrastinator.  Especially when things get busy I tend to find everything I can do that will prevent me from getting my actual work done. Case in point - this week I have over 20 orders that need to be made and shipped by Friday, have I fired yet this week Have I created 5 adorable tissue paper pom poms to hang in my studio...ABSOLUTELY.  It's been so gorgeous this week, and I've been dying to try out making these, so a stop at the card outlet for cheap tissue paper, a few hours cutting and fluffing and Viola!

Since I don't use my 1900's clothes line for drying clothes I figured my lunch break would be a great time to get some fishing line and take a few photos in the back yard! I'm thinking these could really draw some fun attention at the market too! The mess on my studio floor though, is something I need to work's too bad my dog doesn't eat paper anymore! :)

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