Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Painting Party - Halloween 2011

For the past 3 years I've held a Pumpkin Painting Party at my house and it's been a blast! This year was our biggest ever - with 11 girls attending and many pumpkins to be sprayed, bedazzled and dried while we chow down on Halloween snacks!  It's always so fun to look at all of the creative ideas each person comes up with! This year one girl got smart and did a fake pumpkin so hers will live forever while the rest rot! But I think it's fun to make a work of art that is only temporary...let's just hope the neighbor boys dont smash mine! Look next week for my tutorial on my Peacock Halloween Costume - so many feathers all over my house right now! :)
The Goods!

Green Drink with floating eyeballs and brownies!


Dining Room all spooked out!
Some of the Pumpkins before we started.

Spraying the pumpkins.
Pumpkin dry time.

Family room Group

Dining Room Group

Green Pumpkin before...buttons seemed like such a fun idea.

300 buttons later, not so fun!

Black and silver with some sparkle ribbon polkadots!

Browns with a bow and rhinestones!

Cut little pumpkins!
Spiderweb pumpkin with prop :)

Buttons, dripping orange with dots, and crazy fun splatter paint!

Classy pumpkins with sparkles, feathers, and real leaves!

Turquoise dots, and fuzzy ribbon!
The whole group showing off the goods!

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