Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Closet Clutter! Welcome to Clothes Mountain!

Ever since I can remember "cleaning" to me meant shoving things away so you couldn't see them. This is NOT something my Mother taught me to do nor is it something she is very proud of in me, however I've developed quite the talent for it. From a young age there were grapes in the closet, chicken bones under the bed...just enough space under the dresser to hide all of my socks. Drawers became like treasure chests for items never to be found again.  As I've aged I've learned this is not appropriate for common areas, places were people might open a "junk drawer" and find mysterious objects from who knows where? So i've adapted, like most messy animals do, and confined my messy ways to only my bedroom...specifically my closet.  The part I haven't mentioned yet, is that I, like most females, truly enjoy shopping, and by shopping I might mean a small case of hoarding.  So long story short, this blog is to document that in 2011 I DID CLEAN MY CLOSET, and at this point it is still organized...might be a good goal heading into 2012 to keep it that way!

And so it begins...
The process began with slowly yet surely moving all items from the closet onto hangers and hanging those on the door.  Once I ran out of hangers the "pile" moved to the bed...
Welcome to "Clothes Mountain"

Forming floor piles...
After the pile on the bed was sturdy enough to hold itself up, I moved on to making piles on the dresser and the floor.  Keep, dont keep...keep, dont keep. Progress was slow, and after 6 hours I quit to take a break.
Who knew...Hardwood floors in there?!
There were still tons of  clothes to be put away, so I bought some more hangers, and recruited a friend to help with operation closet clean out 2011. After all was said and done, 3am was far too late to be cleaning.  We loaded up the laundry and shut out the lights for the night! Till next year I guess :).

Now, who's going to do this laundry?

TV cabinet repurposed into sweatshirt storage!
So fresh and so clean!

Don't laugh at my 80's furniture - my mom and I risked our lives to get this stuff!

Kelli is pooped! 3am never felt so good!

Fun new shade to dress it up, and everything is nice and clean!


  1. i just did this the other day to my closet and i also had a 'mountain of clothes' on my bed ;) i should have documented it like you haha! xo

  2. you have a ton of wasted space above your hanging clothes. you should install some shelves

  3. I love your furniture and clothes mountain my goodness it seems endless and you just want to donate everything!

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