Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coffee Filter Fun!

I've been counting down the days till my big trip to Italy and I'm getting so excited! 6 days left, and I'll be walking the streets of Rome, Cortona, Florence, and Venice! I'll be posting pics of the packing situation hopefully before I go... should be pretty funny considering I've purchased enough new clothes to fill 2 full size suitcases... not the (1) carry on I'm allowed for the whole trip! Yikes!

So in the midst of all of the hustle and bustle, I decided to clean up my dining room, clear off the table, and wrap a birthday present. I dug the wrapping paper out of a bin in the basement. The price tag said 49 cents, and I'm pretty sure I purchased it about 5 years ago -go figure! Once the gift was wrapped it just didn't seem right to put a christmas bow on the crisp green and white paper, so I dug around in the kitchen and found some coffee filters! 

Below are the instruction on how to create a "make-shift bow" out of coffee filters! (I'm still working on my coffee filter light fixture... 5 months 1560 coffee filters and still working - that thing will get done one of these days!)

1) Take the coffee filter, lay it flat on the table and fold in Half.

Once folded in half fold it again. (In fourths)

Now in half again. (8th's)

Now that the Coffee Filter is folded in 8th's, cut the pointed end off in order to give yourself a nice area to affix to the object you are making.  For the light fixture project i'm in the process of finishing I used hot glue, for this project I used Scotch Tape.

Arrange the filters in a Bow like Pattern. The smaller gift I used about 25 filters, taped them in a central radial bow shape with edges that shot out from the right and left. After taping to the package I went in and "fluffed" the filters to make them poof off the package. Remember "poof" is key :).

For the larger box I laid the outside filters first creating a frame that followed the edge of the box, then filled the middle in with a line of filters stacked like fallen domino's then fluffed to fill the holes! This process strangely reminded me of back combing and fluffing my bangs in the early 90's - examples below....

Wow look at those bangs!

I think we gave Mel a few pills to calm her nerves before the big performance...

More finished product shots below -  remember the next time you wrap a gift that for 49 cents and a few filters your gift can look like a million bucks! Enjoy!

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