Monday, June 13, 2011

ITALY Bags are Packed...Almost!

Can you tell which one is my "purse" and which is my "Carry on" Ha!
Alright one picture before I go. It's been a crazy weekend of market work, seeing friends before I leave, and eating WAY too much food with my family :)! My Mom made a strawberry pie to send me off and it tasted delicious! One last quick run to Target and Walmart and I should be sufficiently "stuffed" into my bags!

As you can see my bags are almost packed....might need to weed out a couple items in order to stuff it all in the overhead bins.  I will say - only bringing 2 pairs of shoes for a 2.5 week vacation is pretty GREAT in my book! Now let's just hope they don't tear my feet up on the cobble stone streets of Italy! :)

I can't wait to learn all about Venice, Rome, Cortona, Florence, and most importantly learn all about glass blowing in Murano! I hope to come back stress free and inspired...and maybe full of great food and lots of wine! Here's to exploring the old world in order to inspire my artsy world here in Iowa!

Adventures of an Artist "In Italy" to follow on future blog posts! :) Arrivederci!

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  1. I can't believe you only took two pairs of shoes! Hope you are having a great time. We all miss you here in Iowa!!