Monday, October 5, 2009

My new love : Thai Food

So this weekend I hit up one of my favorite restaurants in the QC, Exotic Thai - It is amazing! My friend Kevin and I go there all the time after the markets on Saturday! I hardly ever go outside of my comfort zone consisting of grilled cheese, salads, and pasta, however I'm so glad I did! I ordered "pretend too be chicken" as the waitress called it, which was vegetable chicken with steamed rice, a brown sauce, and broccoli, It almost made me want to give up being a vegetarian - the fake meat tasted so good!

So the point of my explaining how amazing this food was, is that it made me smile that they took such care to present my meal in an artistic fashion. Every dish that was served had a tiny carrot flower hand cut on the top as decoration. Art is everywhere and it's awesome! Maybe I'll start trying at home to make my meals this pretty!

After dinner I went for a walk on the river walk, and again I was reminded to constantly look to the world around me for inspiration in my work. Look at the colors in the flowers...can you spot the bumble bee, and the textures in the rocks such cool stuff!

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  1. That's a good picture of the flowers. We went for Thai out here the other night and I had a carrot butterfly that was HUGE and this really pretty rose that was made out of cabbage and beats - we love it! We go at least once a week, it's our one eating out treat that we never miss. We'll have to go the next time you're out here!

    The pictures are really good - did you take it with that underwater camera mom and dad got you last year?