Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mask Maker, Mask Maker, Make me a Mask!

While in Venice, Italy we wandered through the narrow cobble stone streets to find the Mask Maker's shop tucked away in a quiet corner. Once there and through the large hand carved wooden door, the room expanded into a vaulted ceiling with masks galore dangling from the rafters. If you lack an affinity for clowns this would not be the place for you...

We all got settled in our seats and waited for instruction to begin. The process was simple, the mask base was pre-made in numerous shapes and styles. We selected what style we wanted, the metallic under coat for it to be sprayed (instead of foiled - due to time constraints) and then picked the colors we wanted to paint and our designs were up to our imaginations.  After all the painting was complete we had our choice of glitter colors to add dimension to the masks.

Amazing sketches on the studio walls.

Cheese kids!
I selected a feminine mask with some flare above the right eyebrow. I was in the mood for turquoise because of the shirt I was sporting that day, and a few polka-dots seemed like a great decision. Lets get started:
Blank Canvas

Silver Metallic Undertones
Paint, Paint, Paint.
Polka-Dots...I think so!

Paint was taking a little time to dry...
Almost there!
Before I added the final touches to my mask it needed a bit of time to dry.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to sneak around and look at all the other people's work! Some examples are below:

I love how different each mask is!

Why soooo serious.....?

So many great ideas with different styles and colors - awesome work! A few pictures of my finished mask follow - stay tuned for more from my trip to Italy!

So much fun! :)

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