Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Cable or Internet Monday night Madness!

It's funny how often I rely on TV for entertainment.  I wouldn't consider myself a big TV watcher but their are certain nights I usually find myself curled up watching the usual crafting show, or the food or remodeling network...and yes my guilty pleasure Jersey Shore, or the Buried life on MTV.

After arriving home last night and making dinner, I flipped on the tube and to my dismay the cable was out. After placing a "very pleasant" call to mediacom I looked around the place to see what else I could possibly do with my evening.

First things first. I cleaned the kitchen. This is a terrible habit I have learned from my Mom, and nothing eats at me more then a dirty kitchen or eeek a filthy sink! After that was done I took the remaining bench outside from the dining room table I had yet to paint and put a few coats on that.

While it dried and the cable still remained out, I began to think...what else can I do! And of course the dying flowers from my 3 week old bouquets called out to me. I love making flower arrangements so off to the kitchen I went to re-arrange the old to make new!

Love the colors! So Bright!
After these were complete I still felt the need to make more things...and my paint was still drying. Onto the hideous smoke detector that has been bugging me in my dining room for months. I have no central light in that room, so the ceiling is a cavernous void of white. Solution : Tissue paper pom pom chandelier....sounds like a great idea! :)
About an hour later I had 10 pom poms together and strung from the smoke detector. I'm pretty happy with the results, and think I'll change it to fall colors here in the next few weeks! Check it out below!

View from the floor!
View standing on a chair :)
Doorway view!
Eating at the Table View!
One final shot! So happy the ceiling has color!



  1. ummm... I'm concerned that if there was a fire, the smoke couldn't get to the alarm because the pom-poms are blocking it. So we might need to rethink this one??? How about making an arrangement and then hanging it about 1 to 2 inches below the alarm? Yep! Good idea Mel =)

  2. This is cute! I love the idea.
    You sound just like me, I have the tv on every day.
    Usually its some boring show on one of our 5 channels...
    Well lets be better tommorrow :):)

    Hope you have a great week!
    Sophie Mari